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Pennsylvania Family Law - Mediation

Family Law - Mediation

Mediation & Collaborative Law

Collaborative law & mediation enables couples who have decided to separate or end their relationship to work through their issues in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and to achieve a settlement that best meets their specific needs and those of their children without the underlying threat of contested, costly, & often lengthy, litigation. Family Law - Collaborative Mediation At the Law Office of Ellen S. Kingsley, you will receive help to resolve your family law disputes through Collaborative Law and/or Mediation, allowing you to move on to your new lives without the turmoil which often accompanies court involvement.

Divorce & Equitable Distribution

Family Law - Equitable Distribution

Unfortunately, although divorce is an often emotional process, the actual dividing of two legally-joined lives comes down to a division of property. In Pennsylvania, this is called Equitable Distribution. If you choose Ellen as your mediator for these matters, you will receive help in working through this process, hopefully avoiding litigation & the heightened animosity that litigation often brings. Using her knowledge & experience of how equitable distribution is handled through the courts, you will be led to take charge of your own lives and the beginning of your new paths.

Custody Mediation

Who knows your children better than you do? No one. And certainly not the courts. While litigation is often necessary, it is not a perfect system and injustices happen often. If you and your spouse are able to talk, but need a little help in coming to a reasonable agreement, Ellen can help.

Family Law - Custody Schedules

At the Law Office of Ellen S. Kingsley, you will find experience and knowledge of custody schedules,support law and community resources that may enable you to maintain civility for the sake of your children. Ellen's decade of work as a social worker has made her keenly aware of what is in the best interest of your children and that is truly the focus of custody mediation.