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There are many different types of legal issues that pertain to animals, such as pet
custody, estate planning for pets, the rights of individuals that own service animals, and ownership disputes.

Family Law - Animal Law

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Family Law - Animal Law

Family Law - Ellen S. Kinglsey, Esq. - Animal Law

Learn more about the types of legal issues that pertain to animals below:

    Pet Custody

    One aspect of a divorce that is often overlooked is where the family pets will be placed. To some individuals, especially those without children, the custody of the pets can be a highly emotionally charged issue. I offer clients compassionate & where the custody of a pet or pets is disputed.

    Estate Planning for Pets

    Many individuals wish to establish estate-planning documents to ensure that their pets will be taken care of after their death. I strive to help clients create the proper documents to protect the animal & provide for their care in the event that they cannot due to their own disability or death.

    Service Animals

    Disabled individuals that have a service animal for assistance have a certain set of rights. If an individual’s service animal is refused admittance into an establishment, this is a violation of the law. This is essentially the refusal of the disabled individual, since the animal on which they are dependent cannot enter. My office is dedicated to helping the owners of service animals ensure that all of their rights, & the rights of the service animal, are protected.

    Ownership Disputes

    After a pet is adopted by a family, issues may arise regarding ownership of the animal. A previous owner may claim that the animal was never available for adoption, was not abandoned & was never without an owner. I provide support and guidance for families dealing with disputes over the ownership of an animal.

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