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Child Custody

Legal custody involves your right to make decisions for your child(ren), including educational and health care decisions. It also involves the right to receive information & participate in these processes. Physical custody involves the right to have your child reside with, or visit with you (referred to as physical custody). Custody is commonly the most contentious and most emotional legal action. You will find competent & supportive assistance through this difficult process with the Law Office of Ellen S. Kingsley.

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Pennsylvania courts decide child custody issues based on "the best interests of the child," a set of factors derived from the individual needs of your child.

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Child custody matters are complex because there are many different arrangements,& each one has different implications for your family. For instance, you may have sole physical custody of your child, but share legal custody with the other parent. As your attorney, Ellen can advise you on which arrangement is best for you, & specifically what serves the interests of your children. Ellen will help you negotiate the agreements through open discussions with the other party or will aggressively assert your position in court.


Do you have primary custody of your child & want to relocate to another city or state? Do you believe your ex-partner is trying to take your child away from you? Relocation is a sensitive & emotionally stressful matter. Ellen can help assert your interests & assist in working out a favorable child custody & visitation plan, if necessary.

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